Wednesday, March 14, 2012
I would like to think no matter how much time passes by the gratitude in my heart always shines clearly, BOLDLY, and humbly. Reality, I do sometimes worry about forgetting the details. As a human I do forget gratitude is shown by our actions. It seems as though the people from the past who I do not have the option to see, thank, and remind them how my appreciation for them has not been forgotten are the most important people I have met in my life.

March 10, 2012 5 years home from the most amazing journey- The birth of our family!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
The Point
Scooby & Cupcake
The Head Pumkin Carver & Cupcake carve pumpkins
Buttercuppy & Cupcake
World's Best Dad & his #1 Girl in the World
First Day @ New School
My World...
Nana & Cupcake
I am 6!
Life is such a gift. I just remembered as we said goodbye to one of our family member's, our pet, and our best friend Scooby...this is is first sad event in Cupcake's life. It was the first little crack in her heart. Maybe now when I explain no TV on school nights it won't be so sad.

Life is complete. We experience the ups and downs together with our family and friends. Our adventures become more and more interesting as Cupcake grows.

Some people say NOTHING is perfect. I guess you have to define "Perfection." Life is perfect. We are surrounded by wonderful friends and family and new additions every year. We experience the happy and the sad with the good days and the not so good days. The three of us sharing life is quite perfect in my world.

My little place was created and maintained (not so well) because I hadve a passion for adoption. Maybe because we didn't adopt 2-10 kids it is difficult to understand but everyone has to know and explore until they find out what is their perfection- 1 child- our daughter- is our perfection. However, our hearts were touched by all of the children we met and shattered by so many horrific stories on the internet about adoption. From unethical agencies to accusations that most Eastern European Children have a plethora of issues (bio children do too!)- we wanted to display our experience because we realized happy families didn't take as much time to share their lives. We want our experiences to live on and let prospective parents have the confidence to follow their hearts to their Happily Ever After! With great gratitude to those who have touched our lives- All of your children are so amazing, keep sharing. These are stories that will bring home another SMILING FACE!


Friday, October 01, 2010
Off the plane to Kindergarten?

Time flies when you are having fun!

I try to post major milestones, like birthdays & anniversary dates but I have been slacking.

Life is good and busy.

Here is a peek of 1st day at Kindergarten and 5th Birthday in July and August quick trip to Florida to see Grandma.

Love you Cupcake!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 08, 2010
We did our last post placement report last week.

As much as it is no big deal- it felt really exciting to feel completely "finished."

We have enjoyed our social worker's visit but it was time.

This time Cupcake had questions for her!

She asked her why is she here, is she a friend, what is her name, does she have a daughter, and so on...

Then she did her show of songs, acrobatics, and sharing her coloring books.

Now ten pictures to be emailed to the agency- finito!

Sunday, December 13, 2009
THREE Years Later...
Three years ago, on December 7, 2006 Cupcake was put in Marco's arms. She is still there! Actually he is wrapped around her little pinky! If you ever want to see a grown man JUMP-

Three years ago today we were arriving Delta Flight #31 Moscow to JFK.

Three years ago, began the the longest six weeks of our lives as we anxiously awaited our return to Moscow.

Wow, looking back at baby pics. The time went so quickly. As you can see...there is not much "baby" left in my baby's face. She is talking about going to her new school next year for Kindergarten. She wants to know if when she goes to kindergarten if she can still wear Dora panties...the things she comes up with are too funny.

Since so many are always looking to blogs for reference, I hope this is a reminder as with many of our blogger friends, there is a certainly a happy ever after.

Hopefully will be able to get a good holiday pic posted but if not Happy Holidays to all!

Friday, May 01, 2009
Happy Mother's Day!

Cupcake- you make me the happiest mommy in the world!  Without you I would never be able to smile everyday!  You are a sunshine!!!

A special wish from me & Cupcake to my 92 year old grandmother who is an amazing lady!

My mom & Cupcake's NANA-  (if I put your age there won't anymore posts)-  We love you!

To all my special friends who I share a bond of motherhood-  Have a beautiful day!

Lastly- This will be THE most special Mother's Day for JB who will be inflight to Russia on Mother's Day weekend to legalize the adoption of their daughter.

***Anyone who has any Marriott Miles they would like to donate to assist in the hotel room for their adoption-please email me.***

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
No. 224
Whoever would have THUNK that our first snowstorm would create such an emotional "ME" as we are days away from our 2 years home.  As a revision to my last post-  Feb 14th is our 2 yr mark from our court date.  Luckily I still can hear the translator saying our names and announcing we are the legal parents of Cupcake.  Can I have a tissue please????

There are certain times of year that draw me to this blog.

From June 1, 2006 when we signed with Alliance for Children in MA through March 10, 2007, I tend to find myself walking from day one to our arrival home with Cupcake.

When have completed the process of adoption there is an amazing about of memories that fill your head and heart like no other memories you could describe.  

There are many people who touch your life who will remember forever.  In addition to our wonderful agency who guided us to our child we had a translator who we have fond memories together.  She sent us a letter recently through another family to let us know she was thinking of us.  We were one of her most memorable families.  She was curious to know how our daughter has progressed.  Elena was a special woman who we enjoyed her skills and her company.

One person who I may not have spoken enough about but I want to mention in detail for many reasons but most importantly for families in the future to consider this a reference is Dr. Sayyad Mouradov.  Here is his email & cell number too.  +7 903966 34 46, email  We took the selection of our physican to be the most important after the selection of the agency.  Reason being, when you are in a far away country in a different time zone and not able to speak a word of their language you want to know and feel you have all of the confidence to make good decisions.  Like we expected, we had many decisions to make.  Today we know without Sayyad it would have been twice as difficult.  We did travel blind but it didn't matter because we didn't accept our 1st, 2nd, or even our 3rd referral.  Our daughter had a short, simple, but scary medical.  "MOM WAS DRINKING THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY."  Ok, so FAS, FAE and the whole alphabet soup runs through your head with fear.  Sometimes you wish you didn't read so much and sometimes you worry you didn't read enough.  Let's couple the medical with being TINY.  My friends children weigh about 16-18lbs at 6-8 months.  Our daughter weighed 16.5lbs from 15-18 months.  She was just small.  She never made it on a chart until 3 yrs old.  Thank goodness we went blind.  NOw I know something i didn't know then...You must go to say NO.  You can't take a picture or a medical report as a clear indicator on a child.  The information may not be accurate, translated well, or as critical as it sounds on paper.  The doctor held our hands, translated well.  Not only did he translate the language but the definitions of the diagnosis.  Checking on us via email for months to follow was quite impressive too.  Thanks again!

The family we met via the internet who adopted their daughter from the same baby home exactly one year prior who developed the same relationships with the translator and director sent me a photo from the day they met their daughter.  OMG-  She was in the same dress, tights, and shoes that our daughter was wearing a year later.  There photo was a mirror image of our picture.

Often I wonder who is in Russia, what babies are on their way home, and the sad stuff too crosses my mind.  What wonderfully loving babies didn't make it to a loving home like our children.  How many wasted lives?  

Then there is Mary.  Mary took me on my final journey in Russia to answer the questions that I had to have answered.  She allowed me to create a box of answers for my daughter that will be priceless.  Finding Cupcakes siblings and grandmothers was something I never imagined doing before being a mother but something I had to do as Cupcake's mother.   I hope one day the peace it gave to me will be the same peace I can offer my daughter.  What a beautiful company, story, and service Mary offers.  Sometimes the answers are tough, and sometimes the tough answers give us light but this journey was quite incredible, difficult, and emotional.  I love this topic because I believe I really felt myself on all sides but in the end it taught me the difference between selfless and selfish.  Even though my spouse was sick to his stomach and had nothing to do with what he referred to as the creation of "Pandora's Box" I am happy to report almost 18 months later he found some private time to view the pictures of her siblings, and read the reports.  Most importantly open his mind to find a way to justify this was an important part of our adoption.

There was 3 more quick paragraphs about 3 special friends.  I had to delete for now.

J & L can't wait to see all of you this weekend.  I am glad you could get in one more weekend before leaving for Russia.

Maria and Jeff it was awesome having dinner all of us a few weeks ago.

"K"  I won't ever ask or mention you!

Even though I do not post here often you can see updates of our life at

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day Cupcake
2 yrs home


Mommy & Daddy

Friday, January 02, 2009
January 2009
Goodbye 2008!  Happy New Year's to 2009! Here are a few memories of 2008.  Wishing you and your family a wonderfully magical year!  When we return, you can find us at

December is one of those months which is sentimental because of the holidays and the close of the year.  Two years ago this was coupled with leaving on December 1 to meet our daughter.  Not everything went as well as hoped during our first trip but everything happened for a reason.  In hindsight everything was PERFECT.  On lucky number 7 of December we met our little Cupcake.  Even though the adoption days seem so far behind us, it is impossible not to feel so thankful for such a gift.

Almost two years later Cupcake has doubled her weight, grown 8 inches, went from a 12mo to 3T in size, eats decently, pottie trained with no accidents for 3 months, speaks like me, and sleeps like a princess.  She is in her second year of school.  Swims like a champ, enjoys her ipod, and loves the moonbouncer.  She is well-behaved, affectionate, and a good friend to all of her play mates.
She loves to travel and adjusts well to new situations.  Her favorite color is PINK,  her best friend at school is Lilly.  Her love of her little life is Leif.  Swings are her favorite out door toy, swimming is her favorite sport, and playing with the dogs is her newest found interest.  

Cupcake is my "IT" girl.  Every moment of everyday I wonder where we can go and what we can do next.  This month in Italy has been one of the most amazing & enriching experiences for us.  Listening to her, watching her, and holding hands on the beach reminds me this is what life is all about. all of our friends and family who make every day a special day, we thank you for being part of 2008 and can't wait to share 2009 with all of you when we return.

Friday, October 03, 2008
October 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 2006
Looking back to June 2006 seems long ago.

My blog is 2 years old. All of my information on adoption is antiquated. All of my friends are home with their children. Proudly I can report eveyone is...happily ever after.

Two tears later I can say I have met some special women, incredible children, and made some of the best friends in my life. Even though I may forget to email, send birthday cards, and call as frequently as we all did B.C. (before children) I think of all of you often. Here is a quick one but LAURA, MELISSA, SUSAN, LISA, KATE, and my non blogger friends who followed KATE (USA), HEIDI, KAREN, Aunt ANDREA, & Aunt JOJO. I send the biggest hugs to all of you. No matter where I am you are always close in thought.

Me: As I expected my life would evolve. Now I know when I woke in April 2006 to find my daughter I was right. She would be waiting for me. Patience prevailed as I was waiting for her.

Finally I have realized there is an end to every chapter in our lives. The end of my blog has dragged a bit as I could not find an ending. The end of our journey and the beginning of the rest of our lives meshed in my brain. Some leave their hearts in San Fran but I added a piece of Russia to mine. Moving forward from this blog was suppose to happen with the creation of Life with Cupcake. Now I know it is time as I feel like a stranger typing in this space.

Cupcake is as healthy, happy, funny, curious, & opinionated as usual. Now she is more inquisitive, vocal, and demanding. Her affectionate and infectious personality keeps me smiling every moment of every day. She continues to teach me the importance of life.

Here I sit wishing upon a star that for every horror story read about EE adoption ten stories will be found like my journey to Cupcake.

Two years later, two long trips to Russia, a handful of real girlfriends, an agency who was never a beat short of perfect unless I didn't get my way (Thanks Ruthie-Alliance For Children, MA), A PERFECT MOTHER who I don't even know how I breathe without her by my side, an equally perfect Grandmother, Aunt Reesy you are a REAL sister!, and the yummiest Cupcake in the whole world. I thanking you so much for being a part of our lives everyday.

Life of Cupcake will continue but NO EXPECTATIONS!!!

To all of the bloggers.keep it going!

Saturday, April 05, 2008
It has been so long! Her is a Cupcake fix.
She is simply EQUISITE in every way! I love you Cupcake!
It is hard to explain but now she can walk, talk, and share an opinion. Our lives have meshed in such an incredible way! Watching her grow and learn is so special. In some ways it has become more private too. Blogging has been difficult with such a lack of time but I wanted to share a little more. Especially for anyone waiting...I promise FOR REAl you will forget the hardships of the waiting! Every paper chase, every 10+ hour flight, every check & charge will be FORGOTTEN!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yesterday marked one year home together. Cupcake is doing more than well. Parenting Cupcake is too easy. We have been all over the place so I have some great pics to add but today is a work day so I will catch up later.

SURPRISE-one of our old blogger friends are back in Russia meeting referral number two so wish Maria and Jeff good luck too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
One year ago today we sprung our little one from the "joint."

So I woke up to this email this morning...

Hi, Lauren!

Well, I was talking to Poppy tonight, and he said, "Do you remember where we were a year ago?"

"Of course...getting Cupcake (edited)!"

So, Happy Anniversary!! It's been a good year for you.

BTW...the latest blog pics are really funny.

OK, sis, see ya's a pic from last year, me, Cupcake (edited), and chips.

All the best

--Uncle Joe

All I can say is the pic brought tears to my eyes. Just knowing how lucky I was to have my Mom, Poppy and Uncle Joe...

Thanks Joe for remembering- BIG HUGS!!!